Our specialized hauling equipment is at your disposal—high-flat trailers, drop frames, low beds, and bathtubs. We also have twin-screw tractors to pull the heaviest load. Whatever you need moved; we can transport it to your site and put it in place.

At George Young Company we can meet your transportation needs, whatever the size or distance! Our crews are experienced in skidding, loading, and transporting any size equipment on air-suspension trailers to ensure smooth transport—whether it’s a vessel, transformer, steam generator, cooling tower, printing press, storage tank, turbine, or sculpture. The George Young Company obtains all permits for over-weight, over-height, or wide loads, and provides escort vehicles and coordination with local authorities to insure a trouble-free move.

Ample warehouse storage space is available to store any or all of your equipment in transit. Freight is consigned to our warehouse and is available to be moved as required.