The development of hydraulic cranes after World War II brought hoisting power to a new peak of convenience and speed. George Young Company was in the vanguard of this movement and maintains its reputation as the most trusted in hoisting in the Philadelphia area today. When a critical lift must be done with maximum safety and minimum downtime, the call
goes out,

But what if there isn’t enough ground space for the monster crane required, or an unstable surface might give way under one of the behemoth machines? What if the largest crane available still can’t get the job done, or the smallest crane available can’t squeeze through a narrow passageway? What then?

That’s where we shine! 

With the area’s largest selection F-roof hoists, gantries and derricks, coupled with 135 years expertise in hoisting technology, YOUNG does the impossible lifts with ease and confidence. Whether it’s helicopter work, rooftop rigging, elevator shaft hoisting, or hydraulic gantry heavy-lifts, YOUNG is the recognized expert in hoisting. We often offer a lower project cost compared with standard land-based cranes. Bring us your toughest hoisting challenge and your most demanding budget and schedule. We can handle it!