Founded in 1869, on the principles of quality workmanship, innovative engineering, and rock-solid reliability, continues on that basis with the third, fourth and fifth generations of the Young family.

The company has grown into a diverse, powerful organization engaged in Rigging, Millwrighting, Specialized Heavy Hauling, Plant Relocation and Warehousing. Our company is headquartered in Philadelphia, and we offer a wide service scope extending throughout the Northeast Corridor to challenges anywhere in the world.

George Young Group will continuously improve to be the safest and the best heavy transportation, mechanical, millwrighting and rigging contractor in providing value to our clients.

George Young Company offers its customers a unique combination of experience, innovation, skill, and dependability. For over 135 years we have been Philadelphia’s premier rigging and hauling giant. Our team of experienced engineers and superintendents average more than thirty years in the business and assures you the best in quality workmanship. Innovation in engineering, tools and equipment provide top productivity and efficiency. Our knowledgeable staff reduces downtime and protects your delicate machinery and equipment. At George Young Company our dependability will meet or beat your schedule, while maintaining the finest safety record in the area.

George Young Company would be pleased to provide you with a proposal for your next project, without obligation or cost. See why top corporations, contractors, organizations and institutions of all kinds insist on Young’s quality and dependability. Ask your friends, your business associates, even your competitors, if you dare! They’ll tell you that George Young Company is the name to remember for Rigging, Millwrighting, Heavy Hauling, Plant Relocations, and Warehousing.

The Good Old Days

When the George Young Company was founded in 1869, Philadelphia was an important center of commerce and industry, politics and culture. The printing industry was a significant contributor to it all. The growth of the printing industry and the sheer physical bulk of the typesetting equipment and printing presses forced the formation of the George Young Company.

George Young, gruff, hearty, boisterous, and indomitable, turned his powerful hand to transporting the heavy printing presses. The company’s first place of business was on Sansom Street in Philadelphia, with its close proximity to Curtis Publishing Company, a prominent printer.

This was just four years after the Civil War—the Industrial Revolution was taking hold. George Young applied himself other moving jobs.  Boilers. Transformers. Generators. Switchgear. Before long the company expanded into new quarters at 419 Fitzwater Street, adding another garage at 300 Fitzwater. Management and skilled workers multiplied in order to meet the demand for Young Company services. 

Expansion continued with the acquisition of Bolger Parker Company, another rigging firm, founded in 1866. This acquisition increased Young Company’s activities into dairy equipment, boilers, vaults, and smokestacks. Young had already established itself in the field of laundry equipment. The Grover Vogt Rigging Company, a specialist in machine tools and punch presses, was also acquired.

To consolidate the new acquisitions, offices, and yards, the company moved to its present central location in 1954 at 20th Street and Oregon Avenue in Philadelphia, a former site of the Girard Estate Power House. The new location gave added mobility to the George Young Company’s business, being within minutes of major highways, marine terminals, and the Philadelphia International Airport. The location contains a dynamic warehouse facility complete with overhead crane, garage, mechanic shop, carpenter shop, machine shop, and tool storage and repair facilities that must to be seen, to be believed! 

The facility houses every conceivable kind of rigging and hauling gear: boom forklifts to 15-ton capacity, mobile cranes to 65 ton, tractor trailers to haul up to 350 tons, chain blocks, hydraulic jacks, low-bed trailers, high flats, stretch trailers and tractor-dolly combinations, gantries, lifting beams to 500-ton capacity, and much more.

All of the resources of the company: modern, up-to-date equipment, experienced and skilled personnel, and dedication to extending care and preparation for each job, regardless of size, lead to responsible and dependable performance on the job.

The George Young Company’s long-standing reputation is your assurance of complete satisfaction in all phases of your project!