The simple lever, wedge, wheel, and pulley have given way to
state-of-the-art sophisticated equipment in order to keep pace
with the changing needs of our industrial society. Following is only a partial list of the many tools used by the George YOUNG Company to service its customers in a safe, efficient manner.

Gantries to 500 ton
Tug Bars
Cranes to 65 ton
Boom forklifts to 15 ton and 24’ lift
Hydraulic jacking systems to 2000 ton
Chain hoists to 25 ton - Dollies
Air dollies to 320 ton
Optical alignment equipment
Modular derricks
Prime movers to 600 HP
Hydraulic lift gate trucks
Tilt, custom, and modular low bed trailers to 150 ton
Portable crane and floor scales to 100-ton capacity
Opt-Align laser alignment
Electric gear-driven tug bars
Hoisting cages
Hoisting and jacking beams to 200-ton capacity
Level Lift System & Boom-Lock Gantry
  (Offers Unsurpassed Load Protection)
Goldhofer HYD Platform Trailers to 350 ton